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Below you will find a list of links to studies in which you can participate. These are either surveys or experiments on the internet. They are organized chronologically. The list is maintained by Dylan Selterman. If you are interested in submitting your own study to our database, please send us an e-mail at with 'Online Study' in the subject heading, detailing the information provided by the list below. An important note: Please ascertain that you submit a brief description of the study, which will be read by the participants:

Title of the Study:
Researchers (without academic titles):
Web Address of Study:
Brief Description of the Study:
Ethics Review Information (including review number):

A Study of Different Thinking Styles

Sarah Shihata, Curtin University, Australia Study

As part of my Honours research, I am seeking participants aged 18 years and over to complete an online questionnaire relating to different styles of thinking and their impact on worry. The survey will take only 15 minutes to complete. Thank you for your interest in this research.

Link to Study:

Parenting Stress and Parenting Behavior in Families with a Child Diagnosed with ADHD: The Moderating Effect of Family Resilience

JaLeah Holman, Fielding Graduate University

Study Description:
Are you the biological parent of a child between the ages of 6 and 12 that has been diagnosed with ADHD by a physician or psychologist? If you answered YES to this question, you are likely eligible to participate in a research study.

Link to Study:

Experiences of employee appraisals (please only complete if you are currently employed in a paid job)

Erica Hepper, Rachel Avery, and Shyam Morjaria, University of Surrey

Study Description:
We are seeking to understand more about people's experiences of performance appraisals in the workplace (these are also known as performance review, performance evaluation, career development discussion, or employee appraisal, and they typically happen monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually). You will be asked your opinion about your most recent appraisal/review, your recent behavior at work, and a few questions about your general personality. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes. We need only people who are currently employed in a paid job and have experienced some kind of review or appraisal at work – thank you for your time.

Link to Study:

Social K. - The Game

What do YOU know about people? Do you think that you know the human psyche? And, do you know the human psyche better than your friends? Here's the app that will put your mind to the test. Social K assesses your knowledge about human behavior and teaches you facts that you may have never known!

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