Your Freudian Psychoanalysis… in five hours, not five years

Freud’s genius has left an indelible mark on the field of psychology. For decades, Freudian Psychoanalysis was the gold standard in psychotherapeutic treatment. However, the process of psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be costly and could keep the client in therapy for years as a regular couch attendant. As a result, the clients might attain the insights they seek to know about their inner enigmas which have engendered a subjective and perceived neurosis, and healing might ensue.

Anthony Dugdale, a psychology instructor in the Faculty of Continuing Education, Birkbeck College, University of London, and an associate lecturer at the Open University, has put together an entertaining book for people who are interested in learning about themselves without the expensive cost that is attached to long term psychoanalysis. Dugdale’s book suggests that his psychoanalytic questionnaires will perform a quick, easy, and cheap self-analysis that will help the reader unravel his or her inner mysteries.

The book will allegedly show you how you can relate some of Freud’s most important insights into the human mind to yourself. The book contains 28 cheat-proof questionnaires on dream analysis, ego strength measurement, oral or anal personality and much more. If you’ve ever pondered about your parents, your childhood, your dreams, or yearned to discover and understand your inner demons, this book might make a fun read.

Finally, I found this volume to be more amusing rather than an enlightening book of self-analysis. This is not a serious psychology book, as it is clearly designed to entertain laypersons and teenagers and help them develop some type of pseudo-understanding of themselves and others.


Dugdale, A. (2012). Your Freudian Psychoanalysis… in Five Hours not in Five Years. Hants, UK: John Hunt Publishing.

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