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Since In-Mind Magazine has started, we have received many words of praise and credits for our work. We would like to thank all of those for their kind words, which you will find below. But, first, a big thanks to those who are supporting our app, such as The Science of Relationships.

"Social psychology matters. In-Mind is a wonderful – and timely – journal that illustrates with up-to-date research examples why social psychology matters – to anybody, now and in the future." - Paul van Lange, chair of the Social Psychology Department at VU University, Amsterdam, former director of Kurt Lewin Institute, and former chair of the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology (amongst others)

"I browsed the web site and think you have a great idea here" - Jeff Joireman, Social Psychologist at Washington State University

"Social Psychologist Alexander Gunz just published a thoughtful and surprisingly fun summary of social psychological theories about why we humans seem to “hate” so readily and so often. The full article is in the latest edition of In-Mind, which we highly recommend. " from The Situationist

"People’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior in everyday life are infinitely complex and inherently interesting. In-Mind provides up-to-date coverage of advances in our scientific understanding of these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in accessible, well-written online stories. In-Mind is enjoyable reading for experts and non-experts alike." - John Cacioppo, Tiffany & Margaret Blake Distinguished Service Professor and Director of the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at the University of Chicago

"I love In-Mind and have immense respect for what you guys are doing" - Eli Finkel, Social Psychologist at Northwestern University.

"My compliments to you and your site staff on your excellent social psychology magazine/blog. I think it is a wonderful idea and a very effective way to make social psychology findings accessible and comprehensible to non-social scientists. Your summaries and scope of coverage are exceptional." - Randy Borum, Professor in the Department of Mental Health Law & Policy, University of South Florida and owner of Combat Sport Psychology.

"Not only does In-Mind provide lively and valuable information about human behavior, it gives social psychologists a place to fulfill a mostly unfulfilled promise to the general public--by telling people what we've learned about them with their money." - Robert Cialdini, Regents Professor and W. P. Carey Distinguished Professor of Marketing at Arizona State University, President of Influence at Work, and author of Influence: Science and Practice

"What's so cool about In-Mind? Well, I'll tell you!" from Like a Lake Blogspot

"I checked out the site and thought it was really excellent!" - Rod Kramer, Social Psychologist at Stanford University

"The site has articles that cover all areas of social psychology, written in such a way as to make the field easily accessible to the general public." from Neurophilosophy Scienceblogs

"In-Mind magazine provides a lay audience with psychological articles that are both accessible and deep. The contributions are peer reviewed and built on solid scientific ground. The magazine fills the large gap between the relatively inaccessible and specialized scientific literature and the agonizing superficiality of the current popular magazines. In-mind presents psychology as a mature science. It is a great and much needed initiative." - Ap Dijksterhuis, Full professor of Social Psychology at Radboud University Nijmegen, winner of numerous awards, and voted one of the 100 most influential people in the Netherlands in 2007.

"Although the magazine is a more informal place for professionals to publish, there are still editorial controls and clear guidelines for article submission to ensure the quality remains high." from Psychsplash

"Snippets of information on subjects ranging from procrastination to exercising to stereotyping. All kinds of social behavior. Great site for helping us understand human nature." - Anonymous Reviewer

"In-Mind is an effort by European social psychology graduate students to generate interest in social psychology and offer an outlet primarily, but not only, for graduate student writing aiming to reach the general public. Although their site is excited about, and embedded in, mainstream social psychology, the editors seem open to publishing alternative and critical perspectives. Try it!" from Dennis Fox' Weblog

"It was a good while ago (well back in April) when I first talked about In-Mind. Back then it was just starting out as a blog-come-journal-type-thing in social psychology. Well, over the last few months it’s gone from strength-to-strength and it’s one of the sites I make sure that I read when I have a minute." from Psychblog

", regarding their excellent online article repository. It is basically a social psychology site, containing articles from some of the stalwarts in social psychology like Phillip Zimbardo (BTW, the Phil Zimbardo article is also available on the excellent Situationist blog)." from The Mouse Trap

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